The Complete Package for Supercharged Happiness, Energy and Success

My Most Advanced & All-Inclusive Training

  • Define Yourself In Excellence

    Get to know and learn how to use the metaphysical core elements to amplified happiness, energy and success.

  • Unleash Your Highest Potential

    Eliminate the major blocks hidden in your subconsciousness that are holding you back to be your own superhero.

  • Program Your Life for Success

    Program your Future and create an "Auto Pilot"-setting so you will attract and experience the life of your dreams.

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5 Week LIVE Online Course

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Be Your Own Superhero!

This is the course where you will align your life and work in the visible realm here on earth with the invisible realm all around you and because of it create the best results you can imagine with all you do. 

The course is created with the supreme guidance of your higher self and the higher selves of the other participants. 

You receive two private individual sessions via phone with Ariya. 

You will be guided over the course of 5 weeks through online training within a small group of Ariya's most advanced students.

Each session is recorded and you get access for life to it. Your questions are answered and the content is made "practically implementable" in your life.

Through This Training You Will:

Be Your Own Superhero!

  • Greatly Amplify Your Happiness, Energy and Success

  • Eliminate Problems Before They Occur

  • Reach Your Goals Faster And Easier

  • Increase Balance and Harmony With Others

  • Know What To Do And When Though A Strengthened Connection To Spirit

  • And More....


Here's an overview of what you will get in this Master Course. Important: The actual content will be downloaded "on the go" and the recording made available here after each session.

  • 01
    Your Super Powers Are Being Activated
    Show Content
    • Step 1: Tell me about your Goals
  • 02
    Private Goal Setting Session With Ariya
    Show Content
    • How To Be Your Own Superhero
  • 03
    Embarking On The Journey To Your Next Level
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    • Week One: Creating your roadmap and how to get from 'here to "there" (Details will be downloaded from the 'Higher Selves' of the participants)
    • Guided Meditation to Meet Your Future Self
    • Summary of Week 1
  • 04
    Meeting Your Future Self
    Show Content
    • Week Two: The powers hidden in you are being released (Details will be downloaded from the 'Higher Selves' of the participants)
    • Guided Activation of Your Super Powers
    • Summary of Week 2
  • 05
    Eliminating What Holds You Back
    Show Content
    • Week Three: Defining and releasing what holds you back (Details will be downloaded from the 'Higher Selves' of the participants)
    • Guided Ritual For Removing The Biggest Blocks In Your Life
    • Summary of Week 3
  • 06
    Amplifying Your Powers to Match Your Highest Potential
    Show Content
    • Week Four: Uncovering your powers that you didn't know you had (Details will be downloaded from the 'Higher Selves' of the participants)
    • Guided Initiation Into Your Divine Destiny
    • Summary Week 4
  • 07
    Creating Your Ideal Future
    Show Content
    • Week Five: The golden path before you and how to get on it (Details will be downloaded from the 'Higher Selves' of the participants)
    • Guided Manifestation to Create Your Ideal Life
    • Summary Week 5
  • 08
    Private Integration and Application Session With Ariya
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    • Private 1 hour activation-session with Ariya via Skype
  • 09
    Next Steps
    Show Content
    • Where To Go From Here And How To Harvest What You Sowed

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