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This unique and practical approach to metaphysics brings heaven to earth

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What others are saying

“With Ariya’s support, guidance and understanding, my ability to live consciously has accelerated well beyond my imagination. Ariya supported my personal growth and helped me strengthen the connection to my true self. I am grateful.”

Business Coach, Los Angeles

Russell Smith

“Ariya is truly a beautiful soul, healer, and workshop presenter. She inspired me in so many ways. I highly recommend her workshops and sessions.”

Healer, Hawaii

Jan Burda

“Ariya has had an enormous impact in my life and the way I show up in my relationships with my family, friends, daughter and partner by helping me to recognize the great reservoir of love dwelling within me. As a healer deeply rooted to her connection with the Divine, she has been the catalyst to my journey into my own heart, and it has made all the difference.”

Owner at "Goldwood Construction", Hawaii

Emmanuel Leonard

My Mission

It is my divine calling and utmost privilege to help you to connect to your essence and to live more of who you really are. 

In truth you are a magnificent being of light, your heart shines as bright as the sun and you have a special gift for the world. 

Deep down inside you know this. And maybe you live part of it already.

I want to inspire and assist you in bringing this light forth more and more & enjoy doing so.

The Complete Package for Supercharged Happiness, Energy and Success

My Most Advanced & All-Inclusive Training

  • Define Yourself In Excellence

    Get to know and learn how to use the metaphysical core elements to amplified happiness, energy and success.

  • Unleash Your Highest Potential

    Eliminate the major blocks hidden in your subconsciousness that are holding you back to be your own superhero.

  • Program Your Life for Success

    Program your Future and create an "Auto Pilot"-setting so you will attract and experience the life of your dreams.

~ Be Your Own Superhero ~ Master Training

Only Once A Year

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Through This Master Training You Will

My Most Personal And Comprehensive Training

  • Amplify Your Happiness, Energy and Success

  • Eliminate Problems Before They Occur

  • Reach Your Goals Faster And Easier

  • Increase Balance and Harmony With Others

  • Know What To Do And When Though A Strengthened Connection To Spirit